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Welcome to our website.
We invite you to explore and learn more about Coulsdon Runners.
Everyone is welcome at our club, whether you're looking to start running, or training for a marathon.
We are always planning something new and exciting, and hope you’ll join us!

Coulsdon Runners

Our Activities


Beginners Running Courses

Our beginners course is an 8 week course designed for absolute beginners, or those returning to running after a break.

It is a progressive course, so we start with very short running intervals mixed with walking and each week we introduce more running and less walking. At the end of the 8 weeks you will be running 5k !

We will meet once a week for a session of up to an hour, this includes a warm up, the session, a cool down and stretch. 
You will also need to complete 2 'homework' runs a week.

We set up a private facebook page for the group so that those who are on the course can contact each other easily and then arrange to do their homework runs together if they choose too. 

We offer our beginners courses several times a year, both in the evenings and during the day.

For further information, pricing, or to book your place on our next beginners course please click here


Weekly Training Sessions

Our training group sessions are different each week, the aim of the group is to improve strength, stamina and pace. 

The sessions are 30 minutes long and incorporate different sessions such as hills, short, medium or longer intervals, fartlek training and strength training. 

We have runners of all different abilities and everyone works to their own level. They really are suitable for everyone. 
We train hard but like to have fun with it too.

We offer several different training sessions a week, during both the day and in the evening.

For further information, pricing, or to book your place on one of our training sessions please click here


Circuit Training Sessions

Our circuit training sessions are a fantastic combination of cardio and strength work.

We have sessions on a Friday morning and we also have a Sunday session on the first Sunday of every month.

These sessions are suitable for EVERYONE, YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE ABLE TO RUN !

Pushing you to your limits, while always having fun. 

For further information, pricing, or to book your place on a circuit training sessions please click here


Join Coulsdon Runners

We think we've got something for everyone. 
If you've never run before, or are returning to running after a break then our beginners courses are for you.
If you already run, but would like to improve, meet new people, train with others or all of these, then our weekly training sessions are for you. 
Our monthly Bootcamp's are suitable for everyone, a combination of strength and cardio to start the month off with a bang !

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When are the beginners courses ?

We offer our beginners courses several times throughout the year.
We run courses in the evening and during the day.
Please contact us to be added to our mailing list so that we can let you know when the next courses will start.

Will I be too slow or unfit for beginners ?

Our beginners courses are designed for those who have never run before. 
We build up very slowly week by week.
Everyone runs at their own pace and we will always have a 'tail runner', one of our group members, who will always run at the back of the group so no one will ever be left behind, or run by themselves.

How often do Coulsdon Runners meet for training?

We offer several training sessions each week
Tues 9:30am 
Thurs 6pm & 7pm

How do I join a training session for the first time?

We would love to welcome you at one of our sessions.
Your first session is free to come and give it a go.
Please just send us an email, complete our contact form, or text or call so that we know that you'll be coming along.

About Us

Coulsdon Runners began in 2017, the dream of Louise to start a club different  to 'normal' running clubs, where everyone is welcome, no matter their current ability, where she would teach people to run and to enjoy the many benefits it brings. 

The first group was originally just 6 runners who enrolled on the 8 week beginners course. Little did anyone know that it would grow into the thriving, award winning club it is today. In 2020 being recognised at UK Athletics Runtogether Club of the Year Runner Up. And in 2021 winning UK Athletics Club of the Year.

Our members train hard, but we always have fun whilst doing it. We are a family, who constantly encourage and support each other. 
Our door is always open to new members, no matter their experience level. We are proud to bring together runners of all abilities into an encouraging and welcoming team. 

Come join us at our next session — we’d love to share all that Coulsdon Runners has to offer.


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